Who doesn’t love camping? The fresh air, the incredible views, the chance to spend time with family… But the real reason we love camping is the campfire food! Meals cooked over an open fire just taste better. Here are some simple, healthy camping-friendly recipe ideas that will get you fired up for outdoor adventures, that require minimal effort and are both healthy and delicious.

Now, our inner caveman may love campfire cooking, but the prep-work? Not so much. For the prep, we prefer to dwell back in the modern world, doing as much chopping and prepping as possible in the comfort and convenience of the home kitchen. For best results, chop the veggies, cube the chicken breasts, and so forth in advance, and pack your goodies in air- and water-tight containers in the cooler.

1. Campfire Foil Packs

All you need to do is wrap chicken, beef, and vegetables in heavy-duty foil. Add in some olive oil, and place it near or on the edge of your campfire.

2. Roasted Kebobs

Place cubed chicken, turkey, or beef interspersed with vegetables on a stick. Douse in flavored olive oil. Wrap in foil, and place over your campfire.

3. Healthy Smores

Instead of graham crackers, place marshmallows and dark chocolate between two apple slices. Roast, and enjoy!

Another idea is to place strawberries* on a stick, smear with marshmallow fluff. Then, dip into melted dark chocolate and crushed graham cracker crumbs.

Mmmmm 😉

Happy Camping!

*Make sure to check with your local Orthodox Rabbi regarding the kashrus of strawberries.

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