This past Shavuos, United Refuah HealthShare was featured in in the Binah Magazine! In a fascinating interview by Esty Mendelowitz, United Refuah’s Rabbi Moshe Katz described the United Refuah HealthShare process, values, and community. United Refuah HealthShare, the first and only Jewish Health-sharing organization, offers the American Jewish community a chance to share in each other’s healthcare costs. Joining United Refuah, he explained, is so much more than just sharing healthcare costs, although that is one of the main advantages to being a United Refuah member. When you join United Refuah, you are joining a community. A community of like-minded people, who share your religion, your values, and your commitment to living a healthy lifestyle.

More and more Jewish families are choosing healthcare sharing as a means to address healthcare costs. As stated in the article, United Refuah is causing a real turn-around in the frum healthcare world!

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