Stay in Control:

As a United Refuah member, you’ll not only save money, but have complete control over your healthcare decisions. That means you can go to any doctor or healthcare provider you choose.

Stay Well:

We keep costs low by helping you and your family stay healthy. Our WellCheck programs help you stay on top of your health by giving you the support and information you need.  

Choose the United Refuah Healthshare plan that’s right for you:

Monthly Contribution:Checking Acct. Debit.Credit Card
Family (3-6 members)
$50 for each additional family member
Annual Pre-ShareAnnual Maximum 20% Co-Share

After members have met their Annual Pre-Share Amount, United Refuah will share 80% of eligible medical expenses, up to $1,000,000 per incident. The 20% Member Co-Share is limited to a Co-Share Maximum. After that point, eligible expenses are shared at 100%.

United Refuah HealthShare is fully ACA Healthcare Mandate Compliant

Members are exempt from the Obamacare Penalty

Get affordable healthcare, right here in our healthsharing community.
United Refuah Healthshare is not insurance, it’s a group of people like you who share one another’s healthcare expenses.

Easy enrollment

It only takes about 5 minutes per family member to enroll. Get started now.

Your enrollment will be active on the first day of the next month.

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