Providing health, wellness & affordability

by our community, for our community

Our Vision:

A thriving community of Jewish Americans who freely support one another, through the person to person sharing of funds for medical expenses, and the pursuit of a sustained healthier lifestyle, that ultimately results in enhanced longevity, higher quality of life and the reduction of medically based financial burdens for its members.

Our Mission:

Foster the health and financial dignity of the member community, by empowering the actualization of health and wellness in everyday life, and by facilitating the person to person sharing of funds when medical needs happen to arise, in order to alleviate the costly burdens of healthcare and support one another in a way that is fully collaborative and communal in the Jewish religion.  

United Refuah Plans:

Monthly Contribution:Checking Acct. Debit.Credit Card
Family (3-6 members)
$50 for each additional family member
Annual Pre-ShareAnnual Maximum 20% Co-Share

After a member has met their Annual Pre-Share Amount, United Refuah will share 80% of eligible medical expenses, up to $1,000,000 per incident. The 20% Member Co-Share is limited to a Co-Share Maximum. After that point, eligible expenses are shared at 100%.

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