Choose the United Refuah Healthshare plan that’s right for you:

Monthly Contribution:Bank DebitCredit Card
3-6 members.
$50 each additional.
Annual Plan LimitsPre-Share20% Co-Share Maximum

After members have met their Annual Pre-Share Amount, United Refuah HealthShare will share 80% of eligible medical expenses, and the member will be responsible for a 20% Co-Share. The 20% Member Co-Share is limited to an annual Co-Share Maximum. Once this maximum is reached, eligible expenses are shared at 100% up to $1,000,000 per incident.

Members of United Refuah HealthShare are exempt from the ACA Mandate.

Members in 27 States… And Growing!

Member Testimonials:

Overall excellent.

Great processes in place to prevent misuse.

Thanks a lot.

Michael F. Staten Island, NY

I had a great experience on my last doctor’s visit. It was for my annual well visit. I paid the Doctor at the time of my visit with my credit card and I asked the secretary to please fax the visit details to United Refuah.

I was planning to send in the receipt of my visit to United Refuah in order to request reimbursement, as well visits  are shared  annually up to $600.

I was very surprised to receive a check in the mail so fast for the full amount I had paid, even before I had managed to submit my receipt!

Keep up your great work!

Ira R.Brooklyn, NY

UR’s communication is excellent.

When we had a baby and when the baby needed a surgery you were there to explain and guide me through the process.

I refer people to UR whenever I can.

Daniel R. Passaic, NJ

The staff at United Refuah are very polite and helpful.
The monthly contributions are very reasonable.
It’s good to be educated on how health services work.

Iris F.Brooklyn, NY

I am very pleased to be able to be part of a Healthsharing program with likeminded individuals who share my belief system.

I trust that this program will help me if I would ever need.

I do get a sense of professionalism when I call with questions and I am answered clearly and promptly.

Thank you!

Rachel K. Brooklyn, NY

I was very pleased to join with like-minded people in caring for our joint health and that of our families.

The partnership with the Soveya program shows initiative on UR’s part in helping us overcome our health challenges.

I enjoy seeing the newsletters and health tips that are sent to the group.

Keep up the good work!

Chaim D. Lakewood, NJ

United Refuah is really good on picking up the phones and not putting you on hold for hours like insurances companies usually do.

They have very good rates for the plans.

And I enjoy the monthly newsletter it makes us feel like one big happy family.

Label T.Jackson, NJ

Overall, we are very satisfied that we joined UR and the savings has been very substantial.

The few times we needed to call UR we always had a very willing and responsive person help us with our request.

Joshua K. Woodmere, NY

The staff is very polite and helpful.
The sites’ chat option is actually monitored and I can get a quick answer.
Telemedicine saved me time.

Samuel W. Cleveland, OH

I love the telemedicine you offer!

Hershel S. Miami Beach, FL

I signed up to United Refuah, hoping the whole application process would go smoothly.

I was not disappointed.

I had some questions, so I reached out to them and they explained it all in a very clear fashion.

Miriam G. Brooklyn, NY

My 8 month old daughter was rushed to the hospital this year.

She was having episodes of seizures.

United Refuah has been with us every step of the way.

Shaindy J. Lakewood, NJ

They are always available to talk on the phone when questions arise.

The website is easy to use.

The Wellness program with Soveya is ultra helpful.

Yoni M. Lakewood, NJ

Since I joined United Refuah there were a few times that I had questions or issues.

Every single time I contacted my case manager, I had B”H pleasant experiences.

She is so professional and pleasant to deal with, and always gets back to me.

Ashreichem for such a person on your staff.

Wishing you Hatzlocha Rabbah and thank you for what you doing for Klal Yisroel.

Yosef Z. Cleveland, OH

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United Refuah Healthshare is not insurance, it’s a group of people like you who share one another’s healthcare expenses.