National Director

Moishe Katz

Moishe Katz has a long history of health care advocacy.  As a Yeshiva student, he was appointed by the faculty to accompany fellow students on critical doctor and hospital visits to advocate and ensure that they received proper care.  Subsequently, he worked in IT administration for for over a decade.  In addition, Moishe spent nine years as the director of development for Torah Schools for Israel, where he honed his administrative skills.  As the Director of Development, Moishe oversaw the fundraising efforts of 271 affiliated schools and built relationships with donors across continents. Moishe’s early passion for medical advocacy and his organizational experience within the nonprofit world make him a fitting and dynamic leader of United Refuah HealthShare. His integrity, compassion and commitment to the members of United Refuah HealthShare fosters a culture where member needs are always the highest priority.  He received his BA in Talmudic Law from the Talmudical Yeshiva of Philadelphia. He and his wife, Shulamis, reside in Cleveland Heights, OH with their children. 

Formation Attorney & Legal Counsel

Michael J. Sharman

Mike Sharman received his JD from the University of Wyoming (1983)  and an LLM in International Taxation from Regent University School of Law. Since the 1990s, Mike has represented and advocated for Approved Health Care Sharing Ministries (HCSMs). Mike has personally represented HCSMs in administrative agencies, courts, and legislatures in over twenty states. He was instrumental in the founding of United Refuah HealthShare.  Mike maintains  a busy law practice, where he focuses on HCSM representation and child advocacy. Mike and his wife, Nancy, are proud  parents and grandparents, with a strong passion for religious values.  Mike’s personal and professional beliefs complement the mission and value system of United Refuah HealthShare, and his legal guidance and counsel are vital to our continued success. 

Compliance & Regulatory

Sandra K. Cheshire

Sandra was an integral part and driving force behind bringing United Refuah HealthShare to life. Sandra holds a BA from Capital University (Magna Cumme Laude, 1979), and a JD and an MBA from the Ohio State University (1982). Additionally, Sandra completed her LLM at New York University in 2005. Today, Sandra is the Principal at Cheshire Law, LLC and applies her legal and regulatory experience within the HCSM and health care fields. Currently, Sandra acts as the Compliance and Regulatory officer at United Refuah HealthShare. When Sandra is not running her successful law practice, you can find her dominating the game of duplicate bridge.