With Pesach coming up, the idea of eating healthy can seem impossible, but don’t let the Yomim Tovim be an excuse for extra carbs. Although carbohydrates are necessary staples in our diets, too much can cause weight gain and other serious health problems. To that end, we’ve compiled some tips below to help you plan your Pesach menu the healthy way:

  1. Learn the shiurim: Ask your Rav about the proper shiurim to fulfill the mitzvah of Matzah and “the 4 cups.” Don’t make excuses to overindulge in the name of a mitzvah. Remember, first and foremost, the Torah commands us to be healthy!
  2. Go kid-friendly: Young children are not required to drink 4 full cups of grape juice. Your kids may love it, but the sugar content is dangerously high. Instead, buy “light” grape juice or dilute the juice beforehand. Yes, your young children should be involved in this beautiful mitzvah, but don’t risk their health!
  3. Find alternatives: Kohlrabi, beets, golden beets, squash, zucchini and sweet potatoes are all great side-dish options and are less dense carbohydrates than potatoes. Eggplants are also great versatile, low-cal vegetables (if it is your minhag to use them on Pesach). You can try roasting them, turning them into a dip, or making eggplant Parmesan for a nice Chol Hamoad dinner. Plus, no-one will mind the variety😊
  4. Fill up on proteins: Be sure to include plenty of proteins in your meals. If beginning with an appetizer, try salmon or another fish dish.
  5. Get searching: There’s no shortage of healthy recipes online. Here’s just a few we found for you:

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