United  Refuah HealthShare℠ Guidelines:

The January 2020 Sharing Guidelines will be available on our website shortly, and will be effective as of January 1, 2020. The following is a list of the significant changes and updates. Many of them are updates that have previously been implemented through member notices, and are cumulatively being updated in the new Sharing Guidelines. If you have any questions regarding these changes, please contact our member services department at (440) 772-0700.

1) The pregnancy fee of $1500 per pregnancy has been eliminated for family memberships

2) The WellCheck Prime program has been discontinued

3) The WellCheck Assist and WellCheck Support programs have been combined into one WellCheck program with a monthly fee of $55 for members with certain health conditions

4) Requests for sharing must be submitted within 90 days from the date of service to be eligible for sharing

5) A $25 fee will be assessed for contribution payments that are rejected by the bank or credit card processor

6) The number of PT/OT/ST/RT therapy visits has been adjusted to 12 per membership year combined

7) The maximum amount eligible for sharing for air ambulance transportation is $25,000

8) The monthly Admin fee has been adjusted to 20%

9) A newborn from an eligible pregnancy must be added to the membership for the newborn’s hospital expenses to be eligible for sharing

10) The $10,000 sharing maximum for acute illness or accident during the first 60 days of membership is the lifetime cap for any needs related to such illness or accident even after the first 60 days of membership.

11) Genetic testing is not eligible for sharing

12) Requests for sharing for medical expenses that occur outside the USA must include all pertinent medical records for consideration for sharing

13) Vaccinations are eligible for sharing subject to PreShare and CoShare responsibilities

14) Women may use their $600 annual Wellness Sharing allowance toward a GYN wellness visit in addition to a regular primary care wellness visit and associated labwork. Excess charges above the $600 are not eligible for sharing, nor are they applied to the Annual PreShare amount

15) STD related medical needs arising out of religiously prohibited behavior is not eligible for sharing

16) Extraction of wisdom teeth is not eligible for sharing

17) For members 40-49, only one screening mammogram study is eligible for sharing during the 10 year period. For members 50 and above, one screening mammogram is eligible for sharing every other year.

18) Screening colonoscopies and PSA tests are eligible for sharing once every ten years for members ages 50 and above

19) Nondisclosure of a medical condition or symptom at the time of enrollment may result in retroactive termination or an automatic permanent waiver for any medical needs related to such condition or symptom