United Refuah Membership Program

After you have met your Annual Pre-Share Amount, United Refuah will share 80% of eligible medical expenses up to your Maximum Annual Co-Share Amount  (Single $2000; Couple $4000; and Family $8000). After this amount is met, URHS shares 100% up to $1 Million per incident.

Membership begins the first day of the month following enrollment, and no monthly contribution is due until then.

Please note that for medical incidents that occur during the first two months of membership, total sharing is limited to a maximum of $10,000. The medical needs must be a result of an acute illness, injury, or accident.

Annual Membership Dues: At Signup: $125, Recurring thereafter: $75

United Refuah HealthShare℠ members share 80% of eligible medical costs above the Annual PreShare Amount, but within the Maximum Annual Co-Share Amount. Once the Annual PreShare Amount and Maximum Annual Co-Share Amount have been satisfied, URHS will share 100% of eligible medical costs, with a maximum of $1,000,000 per incident.  All eligible expenses are subject to the sharing guidelines.

*Annual PreShare Amount: 

$500 for an individual | $1000 for a couple | $1500 for a family

*Pregnancy Fee

In addition to the Annual Preshare Amount, there is a $1500 Pregnancy Fee per pregnancy for Couple and Family members, and $2500 for Single (married) members. The Pregnancy Fee shall be excluded in determining the Annual PreShare Amount ($500 for single, $1000 for couple, and $1500 for family) and the Maximum Annual PreShare Amount ($2000 for single, $4000 for couple, and $8000 for family)

In addition to your Initial Enrollment Fee, Monthly Contributions, and WellCheck fees (if applicable) the maximum expenses that can incurred in a year are your Annual PreShare, Maximum Annual PreShare, and Pregnancy Fee (if applicable).

*WellCheck Program

See WellCheck.

Additional Benefits

Care Assistance & Guidance for Health Needs and Illnesses

Complimentary 24-hour access to  tele-medicine practitioners

Comprehensive nationwide discount program for Rx, Dental & Vision services, and Durable Medical Equipment