United Refuah Membership Program

$500 for an individual | $1000 for a couple | $1500 for a family

After you have met your Annual PreShare Amount, United Refuah will share 80% of eligible medical expenses up to your Maximum Annual Co-Share Amount  (Single $2000; Couple $4000; and Family $8000). After this amount is met, URHS shares 100% up to $1 Million per incident. Eligibility of medical conditions is subject to the Sharing Guidelines.

Please note that for medical incidents that occur during the first two months of membership, total sharing is limited to a maximum of $10,000. The medical needs must be a result of an acute illness, injury, or accident.

Pregnancy Fee

In addition to the Annual PreShare Amount, there is a $1500 Pregnancy Fee per pregnancy for Couple memberships, and $2500 for a Single (married) membership. The Pregnancy Fee shall be excluded in determining the Annual PreShare Amount ($500 for single, $1000 for couple), and the Maximum Annual Co-Share Amount ($2000 for single, $4000 for couple)

In order for a pregnancy to be eligible for sharing, the due date must be at least ten months after the date of enrollment (payment of the $125 application fee).

Additional Benefits

  • Care Assistance & Guidance for Health Needs and Illnesses
  • 24-hour access to Board certified tele-medicine practitioners with sharing not subject to PreShare or CoShare amounts

Open Network

United Refuah HealthShare does not limit members to a specific provider network. Members can choose the Doctor or hospital of their choice. Sharing for eligible medical expenses is limited to a maximum of 150% of Medicare allowable for Doctors, 160% for Hospitals, and 170% for Outpatient facilities.

Preexisting Conditions

Applicants with preexisting medical conditions should make sure that they understand the limitations of the program for such conditions. During the first year of membership, there is no sharing for preexisting conditions. For the second and third year of membership, sharing for preexisting conditions is limited to $25,000. During the fourth and subsequent years of membership, such conditions are no longer considered preexisting. Certain medical conditions may preclude an applicant from joining, or may require a permanent waiver for that condition prior to acceptance.

Before you begin your application, please make sure to read the United Refuah HealthShare Sharing Guidelines. If you have any questions, we strongly encourage you to contact us prior to enrollment at (440) 772-0700.

Please understand that you are responsible for the accuracy of all information provided on this enrollment form.  If, at any time, it is discovered that the information is incorrect or incomplete, sharing eligibility may be limited or retroactively terminated for all members in the membership group.