Health Care Sharing is the sharing of eligible medical expenses among its eligible members.  It is not health insurance and should not be considered an alternative to or substitute for medical insurance.  The Health Care Sharing Ministry, in this case, United Refuah HealthShare℠, facilitates the sharing of these expenses among members.

Members of our healthshare plans make a monthly contribution known as a Monthly Share AmountUnited Refuah HealthShare℠ uses a small portion of the Monthly Share Amount  to cover administrative expenses.  See the Sharing Guidelines for more specific information about the administrative expenses.  The balance of the Monthly Share Amount  is deposited directly to the member’s personal Refuah ShareFund.  When another member incurs an eligible medical expense, the funds held in the Refuah ShareFund of other members are used to share with the member in need, pursuant to the criteria and limitations of the Sharing Guidelines 

United Refuah HealthShare℠ members share 80% of eligible medical bills with each other, up to a limit of $1,000,000 per incident after application of an Annual Preshare Amount.  However, the 20% that remains unshared will not exceed a Maximum Co-Share Amount for each sharing year.  The Maximum Co-Share Amount depends on the size of the household as detailed in the Sharing Guidelines. Once this amount is reached, eligible medical bills will be shared at 100%.

United Refuah HealthShare℠ is not permitted to pay, nor does it have the ability to pay all medical needs submitted.  It is only permitted to facilitate the sharing of funds that were actually contributed.  (This is why health care sharing is not insurance.)  However, United Refuah HealthShare℠ has a fiduciary responsibility for receiving and handling all contributions it receives as provided for in the Sharing Guidelines.