The sun is finally coming out, and we’re all SO happy to welcome sunshine back into our lives!

The most important thing to remember is to make sure to use SUNSCREEN!

Sunscreen is a real wonder of technology. It’s the closest thing we have to an anti-aging miracle, and it makes the outdoors safe for our skin. We know you probably have questions about how to use it, and even whether you really need to use it. Here’s our primer (see what we did there?) [winking emoji] on all your sunscreen basics.

Sunburns are a result of being exposed to UVB rays from the sun. This only really happens in the middle part of the day in the summer, since that’s when the sun is shining straight down on us. Once the sun’s angle dips below 35 degrees, either because it’s early or late in the day or because it’s winter, you won’t get any significant amount of UVB, and therefore don’t have to worry about sunburn.

But a good sunscreen will also protect your skin from UVA rays, which cause your skin to age and thicken. They also contribute to a significant risk of skin cancer. So make sure to buy yourself a good sunscreen, with a high enough SPF to ensure full coverage and protection.

Worried that you’re rubbing chemicals on your skin every day? That’s understandable. But then again, you’re also rubbing chemicals on your skin any time you apply any lotion or cosmetic. Science has not found any serious threats to your health from using sunscreen.

The bottom line: sunscreen is vital to maintaining healthy skin and staying cancer-free. Don’t #skipthespray. It’s just not worth it.

What’s your top summer safety tip? Drop your comments below!

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