To stay cool this summer, entertain your kids, and ensure their well-being, try some of these great popsicle making tips!


First off, arm yourself with a great, easy-to-use mold.


Look, you can get those cute plastic molds with colorful covers and built-in straw, but you don’t need them! In fact, those nifty covers are so easy to lose and are hard to wash.


Instead, opt for the classic popsicle mold that has ten slots or so (popsicle sticks required.) The Norpro kind is ideal — and easy to find on Amazon, at Walmart, or elsewhere.


When pulling out the pops after freezing, patience is key. Run warm water over the outside for a few seconds for easier release.


What do you like freezing up into popsicles?


For a fun, sweet, kid-favorite: Pour apple, orange, or grape juice or even lemonade into the molds. (Avoid lemonade with high fructose corn syrup.)


Juice may not be good in excess due to the high sugar content (plus, your body needs lots of pure water to hydrate and cleanse itself.) That said though, enjoying juice in popsicle-form takes lasts longer, making it an OK treat J. Pure fruit juice is much more nutritious than regular grocery-store freeze pops and saves you money along the way!


For added flair to your finished treat, drop a few colorful berries into lemonade pops before freezing. The resulting pink and purple pops will wow the kids!


Freezing leftover smoothies is always a winner. They’re healthful, fun, and reduce waste.


Not down for pops? For improved gut health, try this smoothie:


  1. Plop these ingredients into the cup of an immersion blender, a cool Ninja or Vitamix
  2. ¼ cup of Pasteurized Egg Whites (sold in grocery stores near eggs or butter)
  3. ½ cup canned organic coconut milk. Native Forest is a great, junk-free brand.
  4. ½ a frozen banana
  5. 2-3 frozen strawberries


            (You may have the urge to add more fruit, which would throw off the sugar/protein            balance. To build up beneficial intestinal bacteria, protein and good fats are prime. The            opposite is true for sugar, even fruit sugars!)


  • Now Blend! Here’s where you can throw in a good probiotic powder to boost gut health even more!
  • Stick a straw in it and enjoy! If the kids aren’t really in the mood of a smoothiehave no fear. Freeze the smoothie into the popsicle mold. Even half-full is good because it prevents waste! Tomorrow you will have the best front steps or off-to-camp treat!




A note on hydration: Be sure to drink, drink, drink while having fun in the sun. Consider a nice water bottle or canteen to encourage water-drinking. Get your favorite flask and have a safe, memorable, and wonderful summer.

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