Government guidelines and regulations related to our health should never be ignored. On that note, social distancing in order to help #FlattentheCurve should not be viewed as optional! If you are feeling sick (C”V) or exhibit any symptoms of the virus, (such as shortness of breath, fever, or body aches,) stay home! Remember, certain groups, such as the elderly or any individual with a compromised immune system, are considered “high risk.” It’s not just about protecting yourself, it’s about preventing the spread of the disease to others. 

While social distancing is a necessary step we all must take, it can have a negative impact on our emotional and physical well being. Here are some tips to remain safe and healthy during social distancing and/or quarantine:

  1. Take a walk: social distancing does not mean staying indoors or isolating yourself. Fresh air is important to our physical, mental and spiritual health! Weather permitting, sit outside and read a book or take a short walk. 
  2. Stay in touch: you may not be able to spend time with friends and family in person, but that doesn’t mean, you should go off the grid. Baruch HaShem, technology, when used correctly, has given us valuable tools to help us through times like these. Take advantage. Call friends, learn with your chavrusa, and schedule “virtual-hangouts” via Zoom, FaceTime or WhatsApp video call. 
  3. Be active – don’t let your time away from the gym, let you forget your health! Try at-home workout guides, run up and down the stairs, do push-ups… anything to get you off the coach!
  4. Start a DIY project: We may all be busy with Pesach cleaning, but don’t forget to schedule in some fun! At-home “Do-it-Yourself” projects come in many forms — from learning how to cook to building your own kitchen table. Get creative! 
  5. Make Pesach cleaning fun: Involve your family members in a contest and turn up the music. Do what you have to do to add extra fun to this mitzvah!

How are you spending your time at home? Share your tips with us!

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