After a long, extended winter, Pesach is finally here!

Maintaining a healthy diet can be very tricky over Jewish holidays, because so much of the holiday revolves around family meals and food. Pesach can be particularly difficult, as there are foods that aren’t particularly healthy that we are accustomed to eat in abundance. But don’t despair! As daunting as this may seem, with a few tricks and a touch of self-discipline, you can get you through virtually unscathed.

The biggest trap that people fall into is saying – “I’ll start my diet after Pesach”.  (Yes – we’re looking at you. ?)

We’ve all said that at some point or another. But don’t leave it all for after the holidays! If you plan well, you can maintain a healthy diet throughout the entire eight days.

Below is a list of tips compiled by lifestyle coach, Alan Freishtat, published by the Orthodox Union for the Pesach season:

  1. Don’t skip meals – especially right before the Seder. Remember, the meal on seder night is much later than you would normally eat a meal, and the resulting hunger could lead to overeating.
  2. Plan a healthy Pesach meal ahead of time. Make sure there are healthy alternatives to your favorite dishes, so you won’t be tempted into eating something you shouldn’t.
  3. Avoid the “All or Nothing” approach to eating. If you overate at a meal, move on and start making healthy, balanced choices again. 
  4. If you don’t use canola oil because of kitniyos, choose walnut oil instead of palm oil, which is high in saturated fat. Your health is worth the slightly higher price.
  5. Make sure to have healthy snack foods handy. Overeating or eating too much of an unhealthy food often occurs because you are too hungry to make wise decisions, or there are no healthy alternatives. Keep cut up veggies, nuts, and cheese available for snacking and….
  6. PLAN, PLAN, PLAN! Just as you are planning the Seder and your Pesach cleaning in advance, you can also plan your meals so that you are not left hungry. Plan you daily menus, shopping, and snacks so that you have plenty of healthy options and you don’t skip meals.

Read the full article here:

Have a Chag Sameach, and happy planning!

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What are YOUR top Pesach planning tips? Share them with us below.

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