Healthcare and Politics – Are You Following?

It’s no secret — healthcare has been the topic of many a debate in the political arena. There are numerous problems with the traditional healthcare system, and every political candidate believes they have the solution.

According to, “The issue was key for Democrats in 2018 and looks to re-emerge in the pivotal 2020 races.  After Democrats took back the House in 2018 with a campaign that hinged on health care, the re-emergence of the battle over the Affordable Care Act virtually guarantees that the issue will again be in the spotlight in 2020.

Both sides of the political divide have their own answer to all the issues plaguing America’s healthcare system. But, the issue is far too complex for any one person to tackle.

At United Refuah HealthShare, we have a simpler solution. And if you’re reading this, it means you’ve found the answer as well. Health-sharing!

Health-sharing is the straightforward way for a health-conscious, community-minded individual to pay for and receive the healthcare they need. No unnecessary costs, no hidden fees. With United Refuah, the process is smooth and almost ridiculously simple.

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Throughout this blog, we hope to share relevant information, updates, and the latest in healthcare, as well as recipes, lifestyle tips and more. What would you like us to cover? We’re here for you, so let us know in the comments below!

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