Statement of Jewish Beliefs

The modern medical cost-sharing movement was begun by a small group of religiously-motivated individuals who wanted to demonstrate in a practical way, how to fulfill the idea of “loving your neighbor as yourself.” In accordance with that practice, every member of United Refuah HealthShare℠ is expected to strive to live in accordance with the beliefs that:

  1. A loving, kind and ethical G-d wishes to reward His creations for doing the right thing.
  2. G-d communicated these desires to mankind, and these Divine communications state that there are certain values and behavioral norms that He demands of all mankind. These demands constitute a universal moral code and include, but are not limited to the following:
    • We believe that personal rights and liberties that we possess are Divinely ordained and not merely concessions granted to us by mankind and/or their governments. The same is true for our obligations and restrictions.
    • We believe that every individual of Jewish Faith must worship the G-d of the Torah and only the G-d of the Torah.
    • We believe that every individual of Jewish Faith must abide by the ethical and practical laws and lifestyles of Judaism which is based on the dictates of the Torah.
    • We believe that it is our ethical obligation according to the Torah to assist our fellow man in need.
    • We believe that we are required to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to avoid behaviors or habits that put our well-being at risk.
    • We believe that we have a fundamental right to make our own healthcare decisions in consultation with medical advisors, family and other advisors of our choosing and that these decisions must not be dictated by the government, the insurance industry and/or other unwelcome outsiders.
  3. A belief that by observing these laws, man can ever-improve, obtain meaning for his life in this world and achieve his ultimate reward in the next world. It must be emphasized that this reward is merit-based.  It is earned only after living in accordance with the proper moral code not merely by believing in something or someone.
  4. A belief that the ideas of this universal moral code actually represent categories that include sub-categories. For example, the belief in the One G-d includes seeking to understand the nature of G-d and emulating Him.  The prohibition against adultery encompasses prohibitions against incest as well.  The prohibition against stealing includes all forms of robbery or theft, including the theft of intellectual property.
  5. A belief that the universal moral code provides society and civilization with a strong foundation and structure for moral growth, as well as a fair, merit-based, straightforward manner in which to earn an eternal reward.
  6. We understand that we are in charge of decisions with our health care selections. We will apply our choices acknowledging that the money spent on our medical expenses are both our money and other member’s money. Therefore, we will steward those funds not only by adopting healthy lifestyles but also by seeking and accepting cost-efficient services and providers without compromising on care.

Our Beliefs

United Refuah HealthShare℠ members come together to share medical bills because we hold common beliefs in conscience-based, moral, ethical and religious values that affect the way we live and that encourage us to support and care for each other during times of crises. We share each other’s medical expenses not as a matter of convenience or cost savings, but because our religious, ethical and moral code encourages us to do so. It is our spiritual desire as well as our spiritual obligation and ethical responsibility to care for both others and ourselves. Finally, we believe that it is our fundamental right to make our own decisions about healthcare and not to relinquish that right to others.

These beliefs form the religious and ethical basis for our interaction and relationship with others in our community. Each member is required to subscribe to this Statement of Shared Beliefs as evidenced by his/her signature on the Application Form. We make a somber and significant commitment to one another that we will, to the best of our ability, attempt to aid, support and offer our resources to one another in this very personal area of our lives – our healthcare.


We are a community that lives with longstanding religious principles. Our members:

  1. Refrain from tobacco use in any form.
  2. Follow scriptural teachings on the use or abuse of alcohol.
  3. Avoiding abuse of prescription drugs. Abuse means consuming prescription medications in a manner not intended by the prescriber that would likely result in bodily harm or dependency.
  4. Abstaining entirely from the use of illegal drugs including but not limited to, any hallucinogenic substance, barbiturates, amphetamines, cocaine, heroin, or other opiates, marijuana, illegal intravenous drugs or narcotics.
  5. Engaging in regular exercise and eating healthy foods, avoiding those that harm the body.