Are you keeping safe during your food runs? Just because grocery stores remain open, does not mean that grocery shopping is risk-free! In fact, many of those who recently contracted Covid-19 infections have been identified as those who did not leave home. Keep in mind that the shopping carts, shelves, and the products upon the shelves, are handled throughout the day by other shoppers. Moreover, maintaining a 6-foot distance from others while shopping can be especially challenging. 

Of course, never leave the house without a mask and a pair of gloves. On top of that, take these extra precautions while grocery shopping:

  1. Shop at low times: Peak hours for grocery shopping are between the hours of 4pm-6pm on weekdays, and afternoons on weekends. Try to shop at other times to maintain your distance from crowds. If a store is busy, avoid going in and come back at another time. Please note: Many grocery stores and pharmacies are offering special shopping hours for senior citizens, immunocompromised individuals, and other high risk shoppers. Take advantage. If you fall within this category, find out which grocery store near you offers special hours. 
  2. Disinfect: Always carry disinfectant wipes (like Lysol wipes) with you on your food runs to wipe down grocery carts are baskets.These surfaces are touched by multiple people throughout the day and may be infected. If you don’t have access to wipes, a spray of disinfectant spray on a tissue or paper towel will accomplish similar results.
  3. Keep your hands away from your face: COVID-19 spreads quickly. Be aware of what you touch and avoid making contact with your face after touching any contaminated surface, even with gloves on. 
  4. Clean your phone and glasses: Take care to disinfect your phone, glasses, or any other surfaces immediately upon returning home. Those pesky COVID-19 particles can attach to anything and metals are especially susceptible. If possible, don’t handle your phone while shopping to avoid trapping unnecessary germs on your device.

INSIDER TIP: If you are using a grocery shopping service such as Instacart or Walmart pickup, schedule your shopping slot for as early in the morning as possible. In general, supermarket shelves are restocked overnight, and you have the greatest chance of having your order fully filled with an early morning shopping slot.

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